4DigitalBooks - DL 1500/1800/3000

4DigitalBooks - DL 1500/1800/3000


The Digitizing Line is a scanner for bound works that is equipped with an automatic page turning system. This solution integrates innovative and reliable technologies that guarantee exceptional performances, in terms of both productivity and image quality. It respects the documents and improves operator comfort.

The Digitizing Line optimizes the position of the document, regardless of its thickness, turns pages very quickly and digitizes with an exceptional image quality.

Designed by the company 4DigitalBooks, the Digitizing Line integrates i2S scanner technology, which guarantees very high productivity with no compromise on optical resolution.

The Digitizing Line is able to digitize documents ranging in format from 2XA5=A4/A up to 2xA2=A1/D at a very high speed, while at the same guaranteeing that only one page is turned at a time. It processes works weighing up to 20 kg and manages binder thicknesses up to 150 mm. Its digitization speed, depending on the format and model, can reach 1800 or 2500 pages an hour.

DL 1500 - 1800


The Digitizing Line is first of all an automatic book cradle system that ensures that the document is perfectly positioned horizontally and vertically, regardless of its thickness. Associated with an automatic book parameter detection system, the Digitizing Line contributes to optimal digitization of the work.

The Digitizing Line is a revolutionary automatic page-turner which allows high digitization rates while at the same time handling the document with care.

And finally, the Digitizing Line is a high-performance digitizing scanner that guarantees exceptional and constant digitization quality over the entire document, thanks to its high-resolution cameras and non-aggressive embedded lighting.



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